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posted by [personal profile] devohoneybee at 04:58pm on 11/11/2016
I miss my mom.

Lit a candle, cried about the election, bought chicken to make her chicken soup recipe (a lot of root vegetables are involved).

The Jewish calendar yartzeit is on the 29th, but this is the day she died.

I'll be meditating on the gift of life she gave me, and the life she and my father made out of the ashes, for the rest of my life.

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posted by [personal profile] devohoneybee at 11:20pm on 01/11/2016
So. Let's talk about the Roman Empire. Did it have to fall?
Why did it fall? They sure wore pretty things,
if you watch the movies. Well, the citizens did.
There were also slaves. And also, women
were the property of their husbands. Children, too.
Property. But, you know, they had the Coliseum and stuff.
Bread and circus. Take-out and tv.
The consolations of entertainment. Gladiators. Drone wars.

My father (of complicated memory) used to say,
"The rise and fall". As before, so again.
He appreciated the long, historical view.
Nothing lasts, but also, when something dies,
a new thing comes to be.

I don't know what he'd say now. He, who crossed borders at night,
under fire, with my mother, with their friends. I don't know what he'd say.
Their forged documents in their pocket.

I'm pretty sure he'd be grateful for the day.
For the connections, one by one by one,
that we make and keep with each other.
For the beauty of an aria.
For the tears and laughter
of a very small child.
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posted by [personal profile] devohoneybee at 03:20pm on 11/09/2016
Watching Star Trek TOS marathon on BBC America and there's that Roman planet with like, slaves and gladiators, right?


I searched "Gladiator" and "Roman" in Star Trek: TOS with characters Kirk and Spock on AO3 and ... I'm not finding it. I refuse to believe it's not out there.

Help me?
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posted by [personal profile] devohoneybee at 01:08pm on 05/08/2016
Does anyone have an inkling of the dates for Escapade 2017?

I'm being asked to submit a proposal for a professional conference Feb 17 to 19, and want to make sure it doesn't conflict.

Because that would be sad.
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posted by [personal profile] devohoneybee at 12:06pm on 30/06/2016
a little late, but something I posted on FB for Father's Day:

To all the fathers on my list, happy Father's Day. To the fathers of children, the fathers of ideas, the scout leaders, the mentors, the teachers, the friend in the midnight hour. To fathering in whatever form, and in whatever body. To the divine father within. To my dad, who made me laugh, taught me to ride a bike, swim in the ocean, print pictures in a darkroom, and use a sewing machine. To his unassuming courage in making family and a life worth living after enduring horrors too unspeakable to name. The hero with upholstery tacks in his mouth, laughing as he took them out with his magnetic hammer, one by one, and nailed them in.
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Since she died,
since the day I walked in to the room
and saw, not her, but a still body.

And the face, the face of what had been
her face, but was not now.
So still. The wrinkles smoothed, the skin
devoid of flush.

No breath, of course, but also,
no HER.

My sister, who'd kept vigil, went home.
I stayed to keep watch, until they came.
I thanked her body. Not HER, but her body.
Her belly, for bearing me. Her eyes, for watching.
Her heart, for her love.

I had her to myself, for that brief while. Not HER, but.

Since that day I've been trying to speak of this.
The still, quiet shock of it.
The absence.

There is no place to point.
There is no thing, a no-thing, a not-thing.
I am trying to find my voice
around this not-thing.
I am trying to be in life
now that I know,
not as concept but as itself,
the not-thingness of this thing.
Whenever I approach,
there is only

I am holding myself
a lit candle,
carefully tending
the flame.
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posted by [personal profile] devohoneybee at 08:44pm on 09/03/2016
listening to The Voice and wibbling all over the place.
good release after the stress of last week - spent 5 and a half days sorting, packing, and clearing out my mother's house. Did fine at the time, feeling delayed stress past few days. Watching the drama of The Voice let the tears out, but without the pain. All that dear talent and passion, those beautiful people singing their hearts out. I am love.
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“The way I see it is that the Torah is both a Torat emet — a Torah of truth conveyed through laws and values, as well as a Torat chesed — a Torah filled with compassion. A religious Jew is compelled to grapple with this dialectic and integrate both components,” Topp said. “With this issue, it means that we adhere fully to our tradition of Jewish law without denying the commandments inherent in it. At the same time, we recognize that a core element of that tradition is to appreciate — with compassion and respect — the humanity of every single individual and act accordingly.”

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posted by [personal profile] devohoneybee at 10:05am on 27/01/2016
The lovely Gryphonrhi is visiting, and between us we came up with the DELICOUS dish the other day:

Brown pieces of kosher chicken.
Separately, sautee one large or two medium/small onions. Add 3 sticks of celery, 4 cut up preserved lemons, sliced olives (varietal), saffron, black pepper, salt or, as we did, the juice from the olives, and a spoonful of unsweetened cocoa. Seriously.

In a cast-iron enamel or otherwise hardy dish, layer the chicken, rice (we used whole grain "forbidden rice" -- nutty and alluring), and the rest of the ingredients.

Add water as needed for the rice you are using. I used a 2-1 ratio and a little more.

Bake at 350 for 2-3 hours, checking on the water level occasionally.

Rhi, did I leave anything out? DELICIOUS.

eta: dried thin sliced tomatoes, and some tomato paste.