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has anyone else been dreaming about the trumpocolypse?

at this point, i can't recall details, but almost every night now, i dream with thoughts in my head about blocking cabinet appointees, arguing for clean air (i'm such an extremist, go figure) and other ruminations on the Task At Hand.

I worry i don't have the stamina (or courage) to do what Needs To Be Done in these times, but am heartened by such developments as Van Jones' Love Army and the fact that John McCain (bless his surly, inconsistent heart) and Lindsay Graham are joining dems in calling or a SERIOUS investigation into the Russian hack of America.

Also, love this:

long but absolutely worth reading the whole thing (nods to Luminosity for the heads up).

how is everyone else doing? have we found the balance of terror yet? the right to be absolutely, righteously afraid, AND the power and inspiration and solidarity to do something about it?

with love to all,


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I wish I knew what there was that people like me could do! I don't have money, I can't go join demonstrations at the drop of a hat, but I'm really concerned (okay, scared) about what's going to happen. Well, in between hoping that this is all a bad dream that we'll wake up from...

I have made sure my memberships are up to date in the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, PFAW, Americans United, etc, though, so I guess that's a start.
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